Smartphones were associated with the increase in the number of head injuries

Cuts Bruises and Fractures Spike Seen in Mobile Phone Linked Face Injuries in the US

Cuts Bruises and Fractures Spike Seen in Mobile Phone Linked Face Injuries in the US

The authors of the study estimate that there are over 76,000 head-related injuries nationwide during the same time frame.

Dr. Tom DiAngelis, former president of the American Physical Therapy Association's Private Practice Section, mentioned that the use of a cell phone can damage necks and upper backs. Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007, and since then, cellphones are used more like computers than like landline devices they replaced.

Dr. Boris Paskhover, who works at the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, said he looked at almost 20 years of research data for the study.

Around 2,000 injuries occurred annually until 2006, when smartphones became popular.

Paskhover and others analyzed 20 years of emergency room data and found an increase in cell phone injuries as of 2006, when the first smartphones were introduced. But Paskhover said many were caused by distracted use, including texting while walking, tripping and landing face down on the sidewalk.

Previously, studies have concluded that even using a smartphone can be damaging to your neck and spine. "Specifically, high-risk age groups should be targeted for education to prevent unnecessary injury", Paskhover's group emphasized. "I see patients who die just from falling". According to the study, more than 2,500 cases in emergency departments with injuries to the head and neck were related to the use of cell phones.

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They continued: "Providing constant access to a variety of applications and internet browsers, these devices have become a necessary but potentially risky tool used by most people in the United States". Over 90% of cases were largely treated and released or released without treatment.

For more on cellphone distractions, head to the Pew Research Center. Whereas, older people are more prone to injuries indirectly. The most common diagnosis was a deep cut on the face.

Most cases were mild, but some involved facial lacerations and traumatic brain injuries that could lead to long-term consequences, the authors warned. Another caveat was that the database did not include visits to urgent care centers or other care settings. Cell phones, however, do. "Were there any life-altering injuries or deaths?"

Lee pointed out that 3.8% of people in the study were admitted for further care.

Ultimately, the study highlights the need for more detailed, prospective studies to reveal the true impact of cell-phone associated injuries, according to Lee.

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