North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders including Trudeau, Macron caught mocking Trump on camera

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Trump retaliated by saying the French economy was in tatters and that the USA would respond to a tax on American tech giants by placing levies on French goods.

Earlier in the day, Trump took reporters' questions for 39 minutes during a photo op of his bilateral meeting with Macron. When other world leaders find political advantage in distancing themselves from our president, it means they'll be more eager to find ways to oppose American initiatives.

I don't know who else is always "late because he takes a 40 minute press conference at the top" or whose "team's jaws drop to the floor" when he speaks.

He later asked Macron if he wanted to take back "some nice ISIS fighters" that the USA has captured, some of which Trump said came from France.

In the end, France pointedly secured in the nine-paragraph post-summit statement recognition that "Russia's aggressive actions" are in essence as important a threat as "terrorism in all its forms" - an attempt to ensure that the fight against Islamic State is not, as Trump tried to argue last month, over.

Trump began his first of two days at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation conference by harshly rebuking French president Emmanuel Macron for recently saying North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was experiencing "brain death" as a result of diminished United States leadership in the alliance under Trump.

Asked if the incident had given him pause for thought, Trudeau said that ensuring the focus of attention remained on matters of substance "is something that we're all going to try to do a little harder".

"I'm representing the U.S. And he should be paying more than he's paying".

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stopped short of withholding approval for an updated Baltic defence plan unless his allies agreed to brand the YPG which is an affiliate of the PKK, a recognised terrorist organisation from also being recognised as a terrorist outfit.

"Well, they're moving up, and they're moving up substantially", Trump said.

Trump, who cited in particular Germany as falling short for spending only 1.2 percent of GDP, held lunch talks with the so-called "two percenters". "And that's the way I like it", he added. The summit will happen in Watford, outside London. They still need him, given America's power and authority, but more often, they try to keep interactions at an arm's length. He emerged from October's elections with a razor-thin hold on the prime ministership. Our fearless leader, Donald Trump. Mr Johnson can be heard asking Mr Macron as he wanders up to the group, in what is assumed to be a reference to a press conference the French President held with the U.S. leader.

"Well he's two-faced", Trump told reporters Wednesday.

Neither should the fact that Trump's traditional antics were again on display: grabbing center stage, doing battle with allies he ostensibly disrespects, taking the opportunity to defend himself on domestic issues and ensuring that his own ego takes precedence over U.S. national interests.

At another point, Macron drew a wide distance from Trump's transactional view of foreign policy, which puts a priority on which countries are willing to spend money on arms.

"If NATO has a motto, it is one for all, and all for one", he said.