George Zimmerman sues Trayvon Martin’s family, attorneys

Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman in 2012. Zimmerman is suing Martin's family

Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman in 2012. Zimmerman is suing Martin's family

The book written by Ben Crump, the attorney who represented Martin's family, is being accused by Zimmerman of spreading false information about Martin's murder.

Although a jury acquitted Zimmerman of all homicidal charges in 2013, he now seeks a sum of $100 million in civil damages, defamation, and conspiracy, according to an original report by the Miami Herald on Wednesday. "He would have us believe that he is the innocent victim of a deep conspiracy, despite the complete lack of any credible evidence to support his outlandish claims". Gilbert used Martin's phone records to allege that Rachel Jeantel was not his girlfriend and was not on the phone with him before his altercation with Zimmerman.

"Because of the arrest, charges, prosecution and federal investigation, Zimmerman lives in constant fear of physical harm due to regular death threats, which often are expressed in rap music as well as online social media commentary", the suit says.

Zimmerman was charged with murder after fatally shooting Trayvon, 17, in Sanford, Florida in February 2012.

Zimmerman claimed that when he approached Martin the teen attacked him, so he fired his weapon in self defense.

Zimmerman's lawsuit alleges that Jeantel was not Martin's girlfriend, and that she was not on the phone with Martin before his death, and that she provided false statements against Zimmerman based on coaching from others.

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Klayman said 18-year-old Rachel Jeantel appeared in court two weeks later, posing as Eugene and providing incriminating false statements against Zimmerman.

According to the lawsuit, Brittany Diamond Eugene didn't want to testify that she had been talking to Martin before he was killed. The director of the documentary plans to address these claims in a press conference scheduled for Thursday.

Klayman is a conservative activist who founded the watchdog group, Judicial Watch.

Klayman predicted that Trump could be "greater than Reagan" and later petitioned him to appoint him as a special counsel to investigate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Earlier this year, a legal ethics panel of the Washington bar association called for Klayman to be suspended from practicing law for almost three years for "egregious" misconduct after he harassed a woman who rejected his romantic advances.

This article was updated to correct an erroneous reference to Larry Klayman's client, George Zimmerman. His death spurred a series of protests, and can be argued as one of the most significant moments in the Black Lives Matter movement. A screening of the film was planned to coincide with the announcement of the lawsuit, but the Coral Gables Art Cinema pulled out after receiving complaints and learning the nature of the film.

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