AWS launches Amazon Braket to bring quantum computing to the cloud

Amazon Braket takes on Microsoft’s quantum computing efforts

Amazon Braket takes on Microsoft’s quantum computing efforts

Verizon is the first technology company in the world to offer 5G network edge computing, and will use new service, AWS Wavelength, to provide developers the ability to deploy applications that require ultra-low latency to mobile devices using 5G, the companies said in a statement during AWS "re: Invent" conference here on Tuesday. Only do those who've been into IT for quite some time, would probably be knowing about this.

There's just one problem: AWS doesn't actually have a quantum computer.

As such, the technology is not only of interest to big companies, but to governments and defence-related cybersecurity organisations.

AWS Outposts, fully managed and configurable compute and storage racks built with AWS-designed hardware, will enable Fox to run compute and storage on-premises in Fox production facilities for video processing, including linear video editing and picture graphics workflows.

The service, Amazon Braket, will see Amazon Web Services (AWS) compete with Google, IBM and Microsoft to seize control over what could be a breakthrough in computer technology.

The FTSE 100-listed telecommunications firm said it plans to roll out AWS Wavelength in "strategic" locations within its 5G network.

Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist for AWS said that while quantum computing isn't mainstream today it will be over time.

AWS says that the security and data processing attached to the recordings meet strict USA medical industry standards, but it has yet to comment on whether it might meet Europe's tougher GDPR data processing safeguards.

A fully managed service that allows scientists, researchers, and developers to begin experimenting with computers from multiple quantum hardware providers in a single place.

Further, AWS has established a Center for Quantum Computing and the Quantum Solutions Lab.

The Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, meanwhile, will give AWS customers access to quantum experts from Amazon.

AWS Center for Quantum Computing, which will bring together quantum computing experts from Amazon, the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), and other top academic research institutions to collaborate on the research and development of new quantum computing technologies.

For those in the market, Atos and Zapata have teamed up to deliver an enterprise quantum computing solution, and BraneCell is developing on-premises quantum processors.