Ethereum researcher Virgil Griffith to be released on bail

Vitalik Buterin Supports Petition to Free Arrested Blockchain Dev

Vitalik Buterin Supports Petition to Free Arrested Blockchain Dev

Mr Klein added that he was pleased that a judge found that his client should be released from jail pending trial. Despite that, he went there earlier this year and gave a technical talk at the Pyongyang Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference.

Griffith is accused of violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), which bars USA citizens from exporting goods, services, or technology to North Korea without a license from the Department of Treasury. Rogue nations like North Korea are exploiting cryptocurrencies to get around United States sanctions - and fund their nuclear weapons programme.

Virgil Griffith aged 36, was arrested on Thursday, 28 November, at Los Angeles International Airport and charged with providing crucial technological information that could assist North Korea dictatorial government led by Kim Jong-un evade U.S. sanctions.

"I refuse to take the convenient path of throwing Virgil under the bus", said Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin on Twitter, "because I firmly believe that that would be wrong".

He also says that the Ethereum Foundation has nothing to do with Griffith's trip to North Korea.

"Geopolitical open-mindedness is a virtue". "It is *admirable* to transfer to a community of individuals that one has been expert since childhood to imagine is a Maximum Injurious Enemy, and listen to out what they should claim".

The Leader of Ethereum still made a point of saying that Griffith is his friend, but that his action has nothing to do with the Ethereum Foundation.

I don't think what Virgil did gave DRPK any kind of real help in doing anything bad. Quoting him: "He delivered a presentation based on publicly available info about open-source software".

Vitalik expressed his thoughts in a series of tweets on Dec 1, pinpointing that the Ethereum Foundation (EF) did not fund Virgil's travel, even though the trip was worthwhile. He'd also be strongly against it.

The massive onslaught of tweets from Buterin includes a link that originated with Enrico Talin, an Italian developer. He said: "So I hope the US shows strength rather than weakness".

Eventually, Vitalik tweets that the US should focus on "genuine corruption" rather than following the programmers speaking about something that is already public.

Griffith received support online from the editor of 2600, a publication that describes itself as "The Hacker Quarterly".

"He attended a conference! These are crimes now?!"

In a second dialog final month, Griffith went into better element, telling brokers that North Korean authorities officers authorized upfront the subjects he mentioned in his discuss, the criticism mentioned. The petition tries to amplify the true personality of Griffith.