Doctors Restore Heart From Dead Donor Outside The Body

Doctors complete first heart transplant from dead donor in the US

Doctors complete first heart transplant from dead donor in the US

According to NYPost's report, when the heart was revived, it was transplanted immediately to a patient who needed a healthy heart.

Once beating, the heart was successfully transplanted into the patient, a military veteran, according to a statement provided to Fox News from the Duke Health. The underpinning principle of the programme is that donation can on many occasions be legitimately be viewed as part of the care that a person might wish to receive at the end of their lives.

Duke is one of five medical centers in the United States that have been approved to carry out DCD heart transplantation as part of a new clinical trial to test the artificial circulatory device. The number of registered ones in the USA is less than half of Americans.

Stanford University doctors then performed the first such transplant in the U.S. a year later.

Many organs are too damaged or in poor conditions that render them unusable.

Still others may be cast aside based on their donors' medical histories, lifestyles or infections they've contracted.

Schroder says, "this is the donor pool actively expanding" and that DCD has the potential to broaden the donor pool by as much as 30%.

The breakthrough operation saw surgeons at Duke University's Division of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery complete the first adult "donation-after-death" (DCD) transplant in the US.

The process could help increase the amount of viable donors, which could, in turn, help save more lives.

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Video of the surgeons' latest victory was posted to Twitter.

In addition to meeting health criteria, time plays a significant role in the viability of organs.

In recent years, the transplant community has expanded that pool most significantly by allowing the transplantation of organs from donors who tested positive for hepatitis C.

"Traditionally, heart donations have depended on a declaration of brain death", according to Duke University Hospital press release, meaning that all brain activity has stopped, but the heart continues beating, keeping the other organs alive.

Normally, tissue that makes up the heart starts to die shortly after it stops beating, making it unusable.

By the time a heart stops naturally, it is already been running on a low supply of oxygen, that the tissue has been dying before circulatory death could be proclaimed.

For the time between hosts, the heart is typically kept cold to prevent decay, and remains viable for no more than six hours before it must be placed in a new body.

Previous studies have shown that outcomes for patients receiving a DCD heart are similar to those who received a heart from a brain-dead donor. This modern approach was first carried out in 2015 by surgeons at the Royal Papworth Hospital, in Cambridge, UK.

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