Protesters return to Hong Kong's streets

Protesters march to up pressure on Hong Kong government

Protesters march to up pressure on Hong Kong government

Marching near the waterfront on the Kowloon side of Victoria Harbour, they sought to keep the pressure on city leader Carrie Lam after pro-democracy candidates won district council elections a week earlier.

Waving American flags, black-clad protesters marched to the U.S. consulate to thank Mr Trump for signing into law last week legislation supporting their cause and urged him to swiftly sanction Ms Lam and other officials for suppressing human rights.

Some held banners reading "Let's make Hong Kong great again" - a riff on Trump's 2016 campaign pledge to make America great again.

Earlier on Sunday, hundreds of protesters waved American flags, with some donning Donald Trump logo hats and t-shirts, as they unfurled a banner depicting the USA president standing astride a tank with a US flag behind him. The protesters have been encouraged by the pro-democracy camp's landslide victory in the elections and the U.S. legislation supporting democracy in the territory.

During Sunday's protest police fired tear gas to disperse thousands of anti-government protesters, some of whom chanted "revolution of our time" and "liberate Hong Kong".

Earlier marches Sunday appealed to President Donald Trump for help and demanded that police stop using tear gas.

"A lot of parents are anxious that their children are affected, because their children are coughing, breaking out in rashes and so forth", said social worker and march organizer Leo Kong.

But the people are still very angry and want change, ' he told AFP in the Tsim Sha Tsui neighbourhood, where protesters marched along the bay front.

The protests have drawn in a wide swathe of Hong Kong society - from students to pensioners and office workers.

She urged Lam to hold an "independent and impartial judge-led investigation" into police conduct of protests.

Thousands of pro-democracy protesters participate in a "5 Demands" mass rally on Sunday in Hong Kong.

There was "already a large amount of facts and evidence that make it clear that these non-governmental organisations support anti-China" forces and "incite separatist activities for Hong Kong independence", Hua added.

It said Bachelet made "inappropriate comments" on the situation in Hong Kong and that the Chinese side had lodged a strong protest in response.

On Saturday night police fired tear gas for the first time since the election as protesters blocked roads in the Mong Kok neighbourhood.

"We expect a phase one deal to be in place ahead of the unofficial deadline of 15 December, the date United States tariffs on another USD160bn of goods from China will go into force unless Trump cancels them".

Operators of the city's subway - which has been repeatedly vandalised after stations were closed ahead of protests while police officers were transported to rally sites - said it would resume full service on Monday.

Dozens had gathered to mark three months since police stormed a subway auto in Prince Edward station and hit people with batons and pepper spray.

Lam has said she'll accelerate dialogue but has refused to offer any new concessions since the elections.