Poland slams Amazon for Auschwitz Christmas ornaments

A Christmas ornament featuring Auschwitz is for sale on Amazon

A Christmas ornament featuring Auschwitz is for sale on Amazon

A Polish museum has criticised USA e-commerce giant Amazon for selling Christmas ornaments with images of the Nazi German death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, calling them inappropriate.

The Christmas merchandise featured images from Auschwitz including the railway line leading to its infamous gates, the barbed wire fences and the buildings where it housed victims - mainly Jews.

The museum at the site of the former camp in southern Poland tweeted screenshots of the items showing train tracks and barracks and requested that Amazon remove them from their site. Auschwitz on a bottle opener is rather disturbing and disrespectful.

The company also sells Christmas ornaments featuring landmarks from other countries including the United States.

It later added that the items had been removed from the online retailer. "We ask @amazon to remove the items of those suppliers", the Auschwitz Memorial tweeted early Sunday.

It seems that @amazon has removed all of the "Christmas ornaments" with the images of the former Auschwitz camp.

But later Auschwitz Memorial posted again to say "sadly, it's not over yet".

Many social media users expressed their frustration with the sale of the items on Amazon, calling it "repulsive", "appalling" and "sick".