Boris Johnson to face Andrew Marr on BBC - but not Andrew Neil

Boris Johnson will kick things off at 9:30am

Boris Johnson will kick things off at 9:30am

The corporation's decision to schedule the interview with Marr has been criticised by Labour.

So far Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Scottish First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price have sat down for a tough 30-minute grilling with veteran journalist Andrew Neil.

It comes amid a torrent of criticism for the BBC, with the UK's national broadcaster blasted for its failure to lock down an interview with the Conservative leader, as well as being slammed for editing out an audience's laughter when Johnson was asked about the importance of "always telling the truth".

Why is Boris Johnson doing this?

Ben Bradshaw, a former Labour culture secretary and candidate in Exeter, tweeted: "This is a shameful & abject surrender by the BBC management, which will leave professional BBC journalists absolutely horrified and in despair with an organisation where morale is already at rock bottom".

It was thought Mr Neil was going to conduct one-on-one interviews with all the predominant political social gathering leaders within the run as much as polling day.

But ever since Mr Corbyn's appearance the Tories cooled on the idea until the agreement announced today.

Labour accused Mr Johnson of "running scared" of Mr Neil due to his continued refusal to commit to a pre-December 12 date for an interview.

'We've already talked quite a lot about a Channel 4 debate rather than talking about climate change'.

He stated: 'The rationale he's doing it's as a result of he thinks like, you realize, his Bullingdon Membership pals, that they are above the remainder of us.

The prime minister also refused to appear on Channel 4 News's climate change debate on Thursday, where he was replaced with a melting ice sculpture.

'That they do not should be held to account. And so what he is doing now could be he is avoiding, he is working scared.

In a statement, the BBC said that after the terrorist attack on London Bridge, it believed there was a public interest in Johnson appearing on the show, but it repeated its request for him to face Neil.

Mr Corbyn faced a brutal questioning from Neil on allegations of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party, in which he refused four times to apologise to the Jewish community. He's running scared. But even if he does it now, he's played you because he's pushing it later and later beyond the postal vote returns'.