Kanye West Brings Sunday Service To Harris County Jail in Houston

Rev Lucy Natasha Praises Kanye West, “We’re Praying For You”

Rev Lucy Natasha Praises Kanye West, “We’re Praying For You”

In a Facebook post the USA evangelist shared an article about one of West's Sunday Service's and said he was "thrilled to read about Kanye West using his testimony of what God has done in his life to point thousands of people to Jesus Christ". "There's a high probability they will not get in if their tickets are purchased".

"In regards to tickets being sold on StubHub, all of the tickets are non-transferable", Lakewood Church said in a statement.

"Someone can resell that same ticket over and over again. Lakewood wants to warn everyone that all tickets posted on StubHub or any other ticketing sites are fraud".

The demand for tickets overwhelmed Ticketmaster in the area on Friday.

The resale fervor also struck Twitter, where people are offering between $50 and $250 for a ticket.

To be honest, I never thought I would live to see the day I put Reverend Lucy Natasha and Kanye West in one sentence but here we are. The seller wrote, "These are mobile tickets so not printable or transferrable".

By all accounts, it looked like a pretty fun time - as fun as you can expect in jail, I mean.

The 42-year-old "Golddigger" singer's performance on Friday, comes days before he was set to bring the show to Joel Osteen's megachurch in Houston, Texas - where he'll have a morning conversation about faith followed by an evening performance with his choir.

There is no word yet on how Lakewood Church plans to curb such tactics.