Evo Morales Wants the United Nations to Mediate the Conflict in Bolivia

Anez brandished a copy of the Gospels as she arrived at the presidential palace

Anez brandished a copy of the Gospels as she arrived at the presidential palace

Russia, an ally for Bolivia under Morales, said it would work with Anez and recognize her as Bolivia's leader pending a new election. But he struck a defiant tone from Mexico where he is seeking asylum. "We're going to fight with our brothers and sisters until Evo Morales is back".

"We are at the dialogue table, we are talking", he said in comments aired on channel Unitel, adding that MAS had sought assurance that Morales would be able to return freely to Bolivia, which he said would not be an issue.

Since then, opposition senator Jeanine Añez has declared herself "interim president," without a vote or recognition by Morales's Movement for Socialism majority party.

Morales has saved up assaults on the novel govt through Twitter from his exile in Mexico.

In Morales' absence, members of his leftist political party were a no-show at the legislative session to appoint Anez, the second vice president of the senate, leaving the chamber without a quorum to do business. She instead invoked a constitutional clause as the next person in line for succeeding the president.

He also said that Russian Federation believes the events leading up to Morales' resignation amounted to a state coup. Morales insisted that Bolivia's Plurinational Legislative Assembly had to approve his resignation first, and if it failed to do so, he would return to the country.

Waving multicolored "wiphala" indigenous flags, numerous demonstrators chanted: "The time is now, civil war" and "Come back Evo!"

Bolivia has been rocked by violent protests since the country held elections on October 20.

Bolivia's Attorney General says there have been at least seven fatalities in the 23 days of conflict, including in the cities of La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba.

The La Paz clashes took place three blocks from the presidential palace, where Anez was presiding over the appointments of the new military top brass.

Others cheered Anez taking over the interim role and hoped it would bring stability after weeks of protests.

She wasn't helped by her Interior Minister Arturo Murillo, who announced the government would "hunt down" a former Morales minister, Juan Ramon Quintana, accused of masterminding opposition to Anez.

"I now call for a peaceful and democratic transition, revoking the conditions that had made us into a totalitarian country", Anez said.

Worldwide reaction to the crisis is divided.

A few countries have labeled the situation in Bolivia as a coup.

Her government has been recognised by the United States and its regional allies Colombia and Brazil among others. In the middle of a tight race, with Morales' lead just under the 10 points he needed to avoid a runoff, election authorities stopped publishing vote tallies for 24 hours.

Kremlin loans and political backing have helped Mr Maduro fend off U.S. efforts to change the leadership in Venezuela, with Mr Morales also backing the dictator before he stepped down this week.

"The coup d'état is against all of that", said Guzman.

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