Alabama 5th in CFP committee rankings after loss to LSU

Mandel’s Mailbag How big would the regular season be if we had an eight-team Playoff this season

Mandel’s Mailbag How big would the regular season be if we had an eight-team Playoff this season

Meanwhile, the Navy Midshipmen, which will travel to South Bend this weekend to play the Irish, moved up one spot to No. 23.

At that point, Oklahoma would have two wins over Baylor, Alabama would have a win over Auburn with no division championship and the Pac-12 champion would presumably have the best win- assuming both teams win-out.

Finebaum said on Get Up! on Tuesday morning that Alabama is "unequivocally" one of the four best teams in college football this season. The Wolverines are now No. 15.

The highest-ranked Group of Five teams were 17th-ranked Cincinnati and 18th-ranked Memphis out of the American Athletic Conference. The committee either needs to make an "eye-test" call to put the Crimson Tide among the top-4 teams, or other playoff hopefuls need to lose.

No. 10 Oklahoma was up 42-21 on Iowa State halfway through the third quarter.

The final rankings and pairings for the College Football Playoff semifinal will be revealed December 8.

Below are the current strength of schedule rankings for the College Football Playoff Top 10 (as of November 5) based on five computer indexes that were formerly included in the BCS Rankings. A tight loss to LSU in the SEC Championship game might not be enough for the Tide to leap over the Bulldogs. Can it get there again?

The advanced metrics for Ohio State have been setting records.You couple that with the Buckeyes' total domination on the field, and it feels like the CFP fell in line with popular opinion because LSU being better than Alabama means it's better than anyone else. Alabama was the fourth choice that year despite getting squeezed out of the SEC championship game by West rival Auburn. The Crimson Tide finished 11-1 and on selection Sunday held victories against teams the committee ranked 17th (LSU) and 23rd (Mississippi State). Auburn will host fourth-ranked Georgia on Saturday before closing out the season with a home game against fifth-ranked Alabama two weeks later.