Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Reveals Operation Shifting Tides

Rainbow Six Siege: New Season New Ops, Kind of New Theme Park?

Rainbow Six Siege: New Season New Ops, Kind of New Theme Park?

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege also features a technological breakthrough that redefines the way players interact with a game environment. The Rainbow Six Pro League is ready to crown another world champion with this weekend's Season X Finals from Japan. Early Sunday morning, Ubisoft offered a closer look at the upcoming Operation Shifting Tides.

The Rainbow team won two new operators in the "Transition Wave": an attacker and a defender.

From a badass African operator named Wamai, to brand-new test servers dedicated to African players, and more; Operation Shifting Tides is ending Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 on a high note! His gadget is called the MagNET, a totally oddity that can be placed nearly anywhere on the stage. He's a Kenyan defender, whose Mag-NET System can attract and detonate enemy explosives and projective gadgets, rendering them useless - or tactically using them against his opponents. Each MAG-NET device can only stick to one projectile, and while flashes and frags will still activate, they are only able to do so at a time dictated by Wamai's devices. Players can counter this with EMPs or gunfire, but the trick is finding it, since the Mag-NET's location is not always obvious. The P12 and MP5K acts as his secondary loadouts, and his abilities makes him a superior pick over Capitao, but weak against IQ, Thatcher, and the Twitch drone.

Kali is the boss of a PMC from India, and she comes with a massive and absolutely lethal and scary sniper rifle that can one-shot kill with headshots and one-shit down with torso shots even through soft walls... multiple of them. Fired from a distance, Kali can heavily damage walls and destroy nearby gadgets. Just don't use it for hard breaching, since the LV Explosive Lance can not breach through metal surfaces. As with every event, Operation Shifting Tides will be adding new operators.

The brightened interiors and new decor aren't the only overhauls the map has undergone. The rail platform part of the map has been removed making the map tighter and easier to navigate, with fewer lines of sight down the middle. You'll find that the downstairs of the east section "has largely evolved", and "Gargoyle and Haunting Dining bomb sites are replaced with the Throne Room and Armory pair". Those looking to step into the theme park's interior will now go through the Gong Room as the main entrance, while the arcade entrance is now blocked.

Finally, Ubisoft has also announced that Africa's first Rainbow Six Siege operator will be accompanied by Africa's first test servers! A new limb penetration system is being introduced, allowing for firearms to shoot straight through limbs.

Those looking to take a look at what Operation Shifting Tides will have to offer won't have to wait long.

The Personal computer Check Server for Procedure Shifting Tides - which permits players to examination forthcoming attributes in a shut surroundings forward of a full, general public roll-out - goes reside tomorrow, 11th November.