Surface Pro X is more repairable than any iPad, according to iFixit

Surface Pro X is more repairable than any iPad, according to iFixit

Surface Pro X is more repairable than any iPad, according to iFixit

And if that wasn't enough, the Surface Pro X's repairability score also beats that of Apple's iPads which is a major win for Microsoft.

It's true that you can get a cheaper 15-inch laptop with similar performance in the base-line $1,050 Dell XPS 15 that comes with an Intel Core i5, and even better performance in the $1,350 that comes with an incredibly powerful Core i7 and an Nvidia graphics chip.

The display is also much easier to separate from the main body than with a lot of other tablets.

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According to iFixit, the tablet's display is secured with a "friendly foam adhesive that doesn't require heat or solvents to remove". That said, you are going to still desire a actual hand and nerves of metallic to utilize the veil, however its a critical departure from how most manufacturers originate their pills on the other hand.

According to iFixit, "the Surface Pro X is one of the more repairable tablets we've seen lately", which is high praise from a company that spends a lot of time tearing down and analyzing the repairability of devices. The report found the SSD is user-replaceable, and most components can be replaced independently because they're modular. After all, it did earn a six out of ten, but iFixit's teardown shows that Microsoft cares about repairability. Repairability, like water resistance, is a form of things that is no longer crucial until it becomes a truly great aspect of a instrument. Eventually, something in your device will break - usually at the worst possible moment. In fact, the Surface Laptop 3 is technically poor value compared to the XPS 15 if you're comparing specs.

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