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Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding in Last Christmas

Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding in Last Christmas

Last Christmas debuts in theaters, November 8, 2019. It's a mix of sad and glad with a top notch cast but has a supernatural twist that is easily guessed.

First of all, the London-set film joins Brexit into the plot, with Kate's Yugoslavian guardians having emigrated to the United Kingdom, and her mom uncertain of hostile to foreigner notion crawling into the nation. Her job as a "cheery" elf in a year-round Christmas shop doesn't help.

The duo is aptly supported by Michelle Yeoh as Kate's stressed-out employer, Emma Thompson as Kate's over reactive mom, Boris Isakovic as Kate's Dad, and Lydia Leonard as Kate's sister Martha. Kate has missed several doctor's appointments. She keeps it from devolving too deeply into cliche. She thinks he is cute but weird, maybe a stalker? She has to figure out if this is all as it seems and that it might not be the fairy tale she was looking for.

Santa runs a tight sleigh, and Kate/Elf's productivity has been flagging since her health issues a year previous. He's only available to her when he's wants and not when she wants him.

Michelle Yeoh is amusing as Santa, Kate's Christmas-obsessed boss with plenty of mean zingers for her increasingly careless employee. Kate starts to question herself and the situation she is in because she is used to nothing ever going right. Kate's mother Petra (Emma Thompson), however, is fully immersed in the old ways: she sings dreary folks songs and seems genuinely perplexed when a doctor suggests she reconnect with friends: "All my friends are dead", she announces. We gradually learn that Kate's personality has taken a turn for the darker since she recovered from a serious illness that we learn about in stages. He can't always be there for her.

In the beginning Kate pushes back again on Tom's desire, insisting that he's not her variety, and a little creepy. It's all wrapped up in a message of doing better, taking care of each other and living this one life we're given to its fullest.

Is Tom who he says he is?

Last Christmas is a sweet, amusing and romantic movie with a great cast.

Still, the film's twist is so unusual and unbelievable that you'll question your own sanity when it's revealed. And for a romantic comedy, the two (Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones and Me Before You), had absolutely no chemistry together. This particular young man is Tom, played by the truly dashing Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians) with so much charm you'll want to check that you still have your watch and keys before leaving the theater.

In an attempt to be timely, Last Christmas also shoved commentary on Brexit, and immigration into various scenes. Choose the amount that works best for you, and know how much we appreciate your support! Clark was one of the movie's very few bright spots. And at every step of the way, Thompson says, the singer felt like something of a guardian angel for Last Christmas.

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That is until she meets Tom (Henry Golding), the super charming, mysterious and optimistic man who is the total opposite of Kate. If you've been paying just a smidge of attention thus far in the film, you'll see the big twist as one big eye-roll of a reveal. Let everyone know with a comment!