On a date… Grace Millane and man accused of murdering her

The two went to his room in Auckland’s City Life Hotel where he lived

The two went to his room in Auckland’s City Life Hotel where he lived

A photo shown to the jury this morning of footprints revealed by luminol testing.

He has pleaded not guilty to her murder and his trial is expected to last five weeks.

However, the defense lawyer, still claims that Millane's death was an "accident" as the man had restricted Millane's breathing with her consent during sex.

The first week of his trial concluded yesterday.

Ms Millane, 21, died between December 1 and 2 past year while travelling in New Zealand. She said in the messages, Ms Millane admitted she wanted to "get smashed" with the man she met on Tinder.

Millane died from pressure to her throat and was transported in a suitcase in a hired vehicle to a shallow grave in the Waitakere ranges.

Forensic experts told Auckland High Court on Friday that there was evidence Ms Millane's blood had been cleaned up, which the defendant told police he had done.

One area was 70cm in diameter and also had some "circular smearing within it", Crenfeldt said.

The smaller of the stains was extra round and "might have come from a bucket", Ms Crenfeldt mentioned.

She added: 'The shape of the probable blood staining and the presence of blood on the floor provided strong support that clean up of blood had occurred in this area'.

"Grace would send I love you messages sober but she wouldn't express it to this degree unless she was tipsy or drunk".

Her blood had 106 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood.

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With reference to a photograph of footprints in the apartment shown with the use of luminol, Ms Crenfeldt said this showed somebody with blood on their feet had moved around the room and transferred blood to those areas.

There is no argument from either the prosecution or defence that Grace Millane died in the CityLife hotel room on 1 or 2 December 2018.

Grace Millane's friend had feared for her safety during the date with the male friend Millane made on the dating application, Tinder.

Her cross examination ended and in response to a question from Crown prosecutor Robin McCoubrey she stated: 'There was visible blood on the underside of the carpet, on the underlay and on the concrete'.

Crenfeldt speculated that this could have been a person's "hand moving through the air and blood flying off it".

BLOOD stains within the resort room the place Grace Millane was killed present that there had been a "clear up operation", a court docket heard at this time. I had just got back from a 20-hour flight and I was exhausted.

He told the court DNA tests were conducted on probable blood stains found on the carpet, fridge and lining of a suitcase.

This, he said, was "extremely strong scientific support" that the DNA belonged to Millane. It showed two people - a male and female.

"I was advised that these bags had been seen on CCTV being removed from the building at the time of interest".

Ms Ashcroft said she could tell Ms Millane was drunk because she was making typos and kept telling her how much she missed and loved her.

ESR scientist Dianne Crenfeldt giving evidence at the Grace Millane trial.

Power said a sample taken from a spot of blood on a bottle found in the apartment was comparable to Millane's DNA profile.

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