Jeannie Mai defends T.I.’s decision to check his daughter’s hymen

Jeannie Mai defends T.I.’s decision to check his daughter’s hymen

Jeannie Mai defends T.I.’s decision to check his daughter’s hymen

Speaking on the "Ladies Like Us" podcast, T.I. - whose songs often feature lyrics about sex - said: "I will say as of her 18th birthday, her hymen is still intact". He further said that he entrapped Harris to share the patient information with them from the doctors.

For some time, T.I. turned the highest trending subject on Twitter. It's not specifically gorgeous introduced that social media consumers ended up fairly uniform in disapproving of this producer of overprotective parenting. Plain and easy, it's troublesome on a number of ranges.

Foremost, the technique that a hymen is an indicator of chastity is an overhyped delusion. I hated him then a bit.

As an eighteen-yr-aged greater training scholar, Deyjah is at a odd, more healthy age when a number of of us look at their sexualities.

"The comments that were made and the reaction that followed are not in any way a reflection of our personal views on the topic", Mandi and Moham added. Sorry, did he say his outcomes?

A girl is just not much less of an individual primarily based on her sexual behaviors. The truth that girls can so regularly be shamed for collaborating in a standard, biologically motivated human exercise simply goes to indicate why this angle must be attacked for the double normal it's.

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Surely, it's a sexist double widespread when you consider that males usually are not calculated by the equivalent purity metrics.

The tongue-in-cheek way of purposefully misunderstanding a simple idea or concept has been applied to T.I.'s hymen statement and the threads are hilarious. The place does he get off considering he can boast about sexual exploits whereas demanding his daughter stay a virgin?

After most of the all-female hosts agreed that T.I. was out of line for requiring Deyjah Harris to get her hymen checked to make sure she isn't having sex, Jeannie Mai, who is now dating rapper Jeezy, went on to defend his parenting tactic. "Even my dad, who is within the viewers, he is going to balk when I reveal this - Dad, I don't even know whereas you happen to take hang of this, dad, but I do know I ragged to sneak my boyfriend into my room because I had a window, and I would sneak him within the room", she confessed.

In all probability worst of all, the incident carries some poor messages about consent.

"I would just say, 'What is it that you are concerned about when it comes to the breaking of the hymen or the fact that she's having sex?'" she continued.

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