Samsung Galaxy S11e leak hints at significantly improved battery life

Image Source Engadget

Image Source Engadget

Samsung have never really double-downed on cameras for their flagship Galaxy S-series smartphones.

Opting for a second-gen version of Samsung's 108MP lens would also make sense, since the original version has on a Xiaomi handset first, so it won't be a totally new thing by the time the Samsung Galaxy S11 launches, Techradar reported on Monday. "Hubble" as in the Hubble Space Telescope.

Samsung will nearly certainly announce several Galaxy S11 phones as part of the series, we're guessing at least three. It seems likely that the same camera system will be included in several devices next year.

Just yesterday, a rumor surfaced claiming that the Galaxy S11's camera carries the "Hubble" codename.

This trademark has been registered with the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) on November 6.

Based on the description included with the term on the trademark application, it's clear Samsung is planning to apply it to the hybrid zoom function it's believed to be working on for the Galaxy S11.

This is fairly similar to what Huawei calls its Moon Mode.