Original Google Pixel will only get one more software update

Android Q Adaptive Sleep

Android Q Adaptive Sleep

Pixel smartphones have always suffered from dim displays while outdoors, so this isn't a new problem for Google. There's no Google magic at play here that will disable your device or otherwise hinder its functionality (aside from the usual wear-and-tear that comes with operating an aging smartphone). If not, you can tap it to check for (and install) any available updates. Once a Pixel user is in Night Sight mode, the phone will recognize when it is being pointed at the dark sky and will show a prompt indicating that the astrophotography mode is enabled.

It brings up the question of why Google didn't just include a manual exposure mode on the phone, but honestly, I'd bet this astrophotography "trick" is actually much easier at the end of the day. If you haven't installed any intermediate APKs, you'll notice a huge interface change, plenty of little additional features, and a couple of drawbacks.

It's unclear what Google means by "camera quality improvements", but it would be great if this included a fix for the Pixel 4's white balance issues, as we've previously reported. Well, you'll be glad to know that it's added now. When tapping and holding on the shutter button, a short low-res video is recorded, but since the Pixel 2 doesn't have Top Shot, I can't export slightly higher-res stills from it like on the Pixel 4. Or, you can download the APK (courtesy: cstark27) for your device.

Astrophotography option is not a separate mode in settings, it will essentially kick in on its own when needed.

As you can see the images are quite good and it is interesting Google did not push their camera's a bit more - but then they have said that they are building phones for what 80% of the population want, not the geeks like us.

Additionally, Target is offering $550 in gift cards should you buy a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL through a Verizon or AT&T monthly payment plan. So, if you don't receive it during the day, don't panic, it will arrive within a couple of days, probably.