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Jamie Dimon Accuses Elizabeth Warren of Vilifying ‘Successful People’ With Her ‘Harsh Words’

Jamie Dimon Accuses Elizabeth Warren of Vilifying ‘Successful People’ With Her ‘Harsh Words’

"It's only fair that he and his billionaire friends chip in to make sure everyone else has a chance to succeed".

"The fact that they've reacted so strongly-so angrily!-to being asked to chip in more tells you all you need to know. The system is working great for the wealthy and well-connected, and Jamie Dimon doesn't want that to change".

In the campaign, it was seen that Warren's only objective is to reign the financial excess from all large corporations, . Her proposals, including calling for a "wealth tax" on individuals making over $50 million, has earned her scorn from corporate executives.

Dimon said in a statement that she is seen to be using some harsh words, and some of the people will surely say that she vilifies successful people. I don't like vilifying anybody.

"I think there are lessons to be learned about these valuations, how you go public, and how you treat the public shareholder", Dimon said on CNBC Tuesday.

The senator from MA has found herself at the receiving end of a wave of criticism from finance titans over her wealth-tax proposal. "A lot of government programs have been abysmal failures, and we should acknowledge that both problems need to be fixed, and those solutions didn't work".

Warren has repeatedly dismissed concerns that her progressive policies could turn off some big-dollar donors who may typically back Democratic candidates.

"I think we have to look at: America was founded on free enterprises; freedom and free enterprises are interchangeable", he said. "They shouldn't be treated like what's the highest price I can get".