Rap superstar Kanye West blasted rap music as 'the devil's music'

The production team in preparation ahead of Kanye West's Sunday Service this afternoon

The production team in preparation ahead of Kanye West's Sunday Service this afternoon

Kanye West opens up about his bipolar disorder in an episode of 'My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.' West confessed that he was actually handcuffed during an experience with his psychiatric hospitalization. "I said, 'Why not?' He said, 'That's the devil's music.' I said, 'Hey, man. Rap is a genre".

The rapper's pastor, Adam Tyson, recently spoke with Christian-based media outlet Apologia Studios (via XXL) about Kanye's religious rebirth and how its affected his music.

Tyson is the pastor of Placerita Bible Church in California and welcomed West to the church back in May. "One time, he told me that he wasn't going to rap. I'm not here for your entertainment", the 42-year-old rapper says in a voiceover in a new trailer for the documentary that dropped Saturday. "He just started telling me a little about his testimony". You can rap for God.' I think he was already thinking about it a little bit, but I just definitely said, 'Hey, bro. It's not quite viewed as the pinnacle of rebellion anymore and the stereotypical "rock star" life and attitude is pervasive in rap and hip-hop.

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Initially the album was named Yandhi and release dates were given for September and November 2018, before it was delayed indefinitely. "I said, "Why not?' He said, "That's the devil's music". You're not taking that from us, Kanye, not even if it meant you'd quit rapping.

The initial date was shared after West held a Detroit, Michigan, listening party for the new album, after which Kardashian West wrote, "He's dropping the album Sunday [Sept. 27]".

After missing its promised debut date of September 27, West told fans at the Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Experience event at George Washington University on October 12 that the album would come out October 25, according to Forbes.

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