Pokemon Go adding ranked Battle League PvP in early 2020

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

These matches will be ranked and will allow trainers all over the world to gauge their skills against the best-of-the-best in Pokemon GO PvP!

The Pokemon Go Battle League will be different to the current PvP system as it won't require Friend Codes. Even if you're okay with the actual structure PvP takes in the game (I still remember the whiplash I felt early on coming from the mainline series), you probably still have a wish list jam-packed with potential features and changes.

It's interesting to see Battle League entry tied to walking distance.

Niantic has been testing the waters for such a feature for a while, with players battling eSports style during the Pokemon World Championships.

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At the moment, Pokemon GO players can only battle other trainers locally, but they can battle NPCs wherever.

As impressive as Pokémon GO is, one thing that's been missing from it for a long time now is online battles. You can then battle opponents from around the globe through a matchmaking system and rise up in the ranks.

"We hope this feature will make the Pokémon GO battling experience more competitive and accessible to more Trainers". Additional details will be shared in a special developer insights video very soon.

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