Lampard: Increasing number of Champions League games a bad idea

Billy Gilmour has established himself in the Scotland Under-21 team

Billy Gilmour has established himself in the Scotland Under-21 team

Discussions continued in London on Thursday over how European competition could look from 2024-25 onwards.

One change that has already been decided is that the second-tier Europa League competition will be reduced in size from 48 teams in the group stage to 32 starting from 2021, while the Europa League 2 tournament will be introduced, also with 32 teams in the group stage.

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli, who's additionally the chairman of the European Club Affiliation, has proposed the most radical layout, which would lead to an elevated series of neighborhood stage fits, promotion and relegation between European competitions.

Olsson reiterated that the European Leagues were opposed to any change in the format of UEFA competitions which would involve teams playing more European matches at the expense of domestic ones.

Key to that, in the view of European Leagues, is the primacy of domestic football and limiting the number of continental club matches at its current level, and Lampard could not envisage a way in which more matches could be accommodated. Hopefully, I can try to get more first-team games.

"If you ask me can you play more European games, I personally don't know where you fit them in amongst our busy schedule", said the former England global. "As a supervisor you're fascinated by how will you protect the team novel, and or not it is a ways a mission with the total competitions we have now".

"Domestically it gives teams a feeling you can compete on a level in a cup at home, which is important". If you did do that there would be a lot of discussion about how that would work practically. 'It was only yesterday that the clubs said they had concerns, so we have to check whether they think they are right or not'. I like the format personally as a manager now.

However, European Leagues chairman Lars-Christer Olsson said some clubs were anxious about the potential success of the third competition.

Marc Ingla, chief executive of French club Lille, told Reuters that clubs wanted more European games.