Democrat Warren dodges tax hike question

Yes Andrew Yang should be upset with CNN again

Yes Andrew Yang should be upset with CNN again

Mr. Biden was the top choice of 31% of potential Democratic primary voters and caucus-goers, followed by Ms. Warren of MA at 21% and Sen.

"Costs will go up for the wealthy, they will go up for big corporations and for middle-class families, they will go down", Warren said Tuesday night. Warren's proposals aside from Medicare for All would cost almost $6 trillion, according to Bloomberg News, while her tax proposals would raise more than $7.3 trillion.

Warren's progressive rival, Bernie Sanders, has said middle-class taxes would have to rise to pay for Medicare for All and other White House hopefuls said on Wednesday that Warren should be just as direct. Elizabeth Warren, 70, were also asked whether their ages should be a concern for voters.

The issue was the subject of repeated attacks on Warren at Tuesday night's Democratic debate, with the MA senator again refusing to directly address whether she would raise middle-class taxes.

"At least Bernie is being honest here, and saying how he's going to pay for this and that taxes are going to go up", said Klobuchar, adding, "I appreciate Elizabeth's work but the difference between a plan and a pipe dream is something you can actually get done". "Her taxes as they now exist are not enough yet to cover fully replacing health insurance", University of California, Berkeley economics professor Emmanuel Saez, who has advised the Warren campaign, told Bloomberg News. "A yes or no question that didn't get a yes or no answer". Biden questioned the senator's "credibility" this week, focusing on her plan to implement Medicare-for-All.

"No plan has been laid out to explain how a multi-trillion-dollar hole in this Medicare for all plan that Senator Warren is putting forward is supposed to get filled in..." But I do think it is appropriate to acknowledge that taxes will go up.

While the current front runner, Elizabeth Warren, refused to admit that Medicare for All will mean increased taxes for the US middle class and was repeatedly called out for it by the other, less progressive candidates, Sanders earned some praise for being honest in saying, "At the end of the day, the overwhelming majority of people will save money on their health care bills". They're going to go up significantly for the wealthy.

Raising middle-class taxes would have to be part of any plan to close that gap, experts say, though Saez told Bloomberg that those higher taxes would be more than covered by the wages gains resulting from a transition to a new health-care system that eliminates premiums for individuals covered by their employers.

Americans may like the idea of Medicare-for-all but their support plunges when they learn that it will require tax increases. Support fell even lower when they heard it could lead to delays in the delivery of care.

She wants to soak the rich with a couple of different wealth taxes to pay for all of her social programs and giveaways, break up big tech companies and hammer Wall Street and big banks.

The American health care system is among the most expensive in the world and also has some of the highest prescription drug costs. She won't though because it would seal her defeat.