Half of all active iPhones have made the leap to iOS 13

Release notes for iOS

Release notes for iOS

Apple claims that iOS 13's adoption has reached the 50 percent mark on all active iPhone devices out there. 38 per of these devices are still running iOS 12 and 7 per cent are still earlier versions. Previous year at this time the latest version of Apple's mobile OS was iOS 12, which was installed on 60% of eligible iPhone and iPad models.

Apple has revealed the adoption metrics of iOS 13 and iPadOS within a month following their public release via the stable channel.

Apple's iOS 13 has been launched globally for about a month now and already the company has said that almost 50 percent of iOS users have adopted it. Overall, 41 percent of handsets are using iOS 12, and just 9 percent are on an earlier version, meaning 50 percent are using iOS 13, which only arrived last month.

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"On the off chance that you are utilizing iOS 13, you will start to get warnings about when an application is utilizing your exact area out of sight and how often an application has gotten to that data", as per Facebook. Another update, iOS 13.2, is already in beta testing with developers. Post the initial release, it has rolled out iOS 13.1, 13.1.1, iOS 13.1.2, and iOS 13.1.3 with various bug fixes along with performance improvements. For now, only 33% of all iPads run on iPadOS while iPads from the last four years have a wider adoption of 41%. This is followed by 51 percent running iOS 12, and 16 percent on older releases.

This is the first time Apple has split the figures for iPhone and iPad.

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