Ofcom Reveals Key UK Mobile Calling and Data Usage Trends

Liverpool waterfront with River Mersey

Liverpool waterfront with River Mersey

The telecoms regulator's research came from data gathered between January 1 and March 31 this year from around 150,000 Android users across the country.

"The proportion of people with monthly data use over 5GB was nearly five times higher on WiFi than on mobile technologies, while the proportion of those using less than 500MB dropped by two-thirds to just 15% on WiFi".

More than 80 per cent of calls were shorter than five minutes, with 60 per cent under 90 seconds, suggesting that mobile users are making frequent but relatively short calls.

The study, which helps Ofcom to understand mobile users' needs, shows that they spend most of their time online connected to Wi-Fi (69%), rather than using 3G or 4G.

Liverpudlians were found to be the longest conversationalists on mobile phones, spending nearly seven minutes on the average call - more than 40 per cent longer than Londoners, who came second. Of those who did pick up the phone, nearly two-thirds (60 per cent) ended the conversation in less than 90 seconds.

On the opposite hand outdated research by Ofcom grasp moreover stumbled on that youthful folks discover making calls daunting and are searching to make expend of messaging companies equivalent to WhatsApp. Edinburgh residents made the fifth longest calls at four minutes and four seconds - just a few seconds behind Leeds and Birmingham which were in third and fourth place respectively.

However, a year ago data collected by Ofcom showed that the amount of time spent making calls from mobile phones had fallen for the first time.

It also found people in Liverpool spend more time talking on their mobile than those in other major cities at nearly seven minutes per average call - more than 40% longer than Londoners. When they were connected to a network, 82 per cent of the time it was a 4G network, and 17 per cent of the time it was a 3G network. This helps explain why more than half of people use less than 1 gigabit of mobile data a month, and only one in 10 use 5GB or more.

Naturally mobile data use peaks between 5pm and 6pm, as rush-hour commuters look to catch-up with the latest news and scroll social media using their phone network.

Having a good signal has "never been more important" said Ian Macrae, director of market intelligence at Ofcom.

We strongly suspect that mobile broadband data usage will now increase at a more rapid pace, which is down to the launch of both ultrafast 5G networks and the fact that O2, Vodafone and EE have all now launched unlimited data plans of their own.