Indiana AG: 165 more fetal remains linked to late doctor

Shaw Media Illinois

Shaw Media Illinois

Attorney General Curtis Hill said the 165 remains were discovered Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019, in the trunk of a Mercedes Benz parked at a business property in Dolton, Ill., where Dr. Ulrich Klopfer had kept a total of eight cars.

After his death, his family found more than 2,200 preserved fetal remains stored in cardboard boxes in the garage of his Crete Township home.

Indiana's attorney general says 165 sets of fetal remains were found in a auto owned by a late in abortion doctor that was parked at a Chicago-area storage unit. Klopfer operated in three abortion clinics in Indiana.

The 2,246 fetal remains found in the Klopfer's IL garage last month were from abortions he performed between 2000 and 2002, when he operated clinics in IN, authorities said.

Hill's office is working with Democratic Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul to investigate the fetal remains. In addition to finding the remains, investigators found thousands of patient medical records abandoned at Klopfer's former clinics and other associated IN properties that were raided. The investigation is complicated by the fact that the abortions occurred almost 20 years ago and by uncertainties such as the dates the fetal remains were moved and what Indiana's laws were at those points in time. An attorney for Klopfer's family then informed the sheriff's office of the grisly discovery. Days later, relatives told authorities they had found fetal remains in the Will County garage. The family is cooperating with the investigation.

Hill has called Klopfer one "of the more notorious abortionists in the history of in".

Hill, a conservative Republican who opposes abortion rights, said the disturbing discoveries represent "uncharted territory for all of us", adding that his office is committed to ensuring that all of the remains "receive a respectful final disposition here in IN". The exact number of medical records found hasn't been disclosed. For one, Klopfer was performing abortions before a 2016 IN law requiring that aborted fetal remains be cremated or buried.

Klopfer did not follow IN law for disposal of the fetal remains and the filing of the proper paperwork, Glasgow said.

Detectives arrived at the address and the coroner's office took the remains. "When looking at the vehicles there did not appear to be anything unusual inside the vehicles, but they did discover, in one vehicle's truck, items that contained the remains of aborted fetuses, were in that trunk", Hill said.