XFL Announces Players For Draft Pool, Group #2 Revealed

XFL Seattle coach Jim Zorn scouts players during a summer tryout

XFL Seattle coach Jim Zorn scouts players during a summer tryout

According to Luck, there will be a supplemental draft at the end of November for players who were ineligible to be drafted in October, either because they were on National Football League rosters at the time or because they were a part of college programs. Tuesday's list included offensive linemen Leon Brown from Alabama and Darius James from Auburn.

Each team will be assigned a quarterback before the draft, which will be divided into five sections.

Draft groupings include skill players (quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends), offensive linemen, defensive linemen, defensive backs and an open draft which will include players not selected in the other groupings as well as special teams players.

The rebooted XFL's eight teams will select their rosters during a two day draft from a pool of about 1,000 pre-approved, pro football players, according to details released by the league on Monday. He played in all four preseason games but was waived before the start of the regular season. Brown went to training camp with the Baltimore Ravens in 2015, and James went to training camp with the New York Jets in 2018.

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Also in the mix is Winston Dimel, the former KSU fullback and son of former Wildcats offensive coordinator Dana Dimel who finished his college career at UTEP.

The XFL plans to play a 10-week regular season set to kick off on February 8. A previous version of the league folded in 2001 after one season due to financial difficulties.

In Phases 1-4, each team will get to choose ten players, resulting in 40 players.

Mark Inabinett is a sports reporter for Alabama Media Group.

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