Call of Duty Mobile smashes records with 100M downloads in 1st week

Call of duty mobile pc emulator gameloop

Call of duty mobile pc emulator gameloop

Activision's latest announcement on the Call of Duty: Mobile game from Thursday, October 3 stated that the game has passed 35 million downloads, meaning the game has seen a dramatic increase in downloads during its first weekend of launch.

An astonishing number of Call of Duty players have chose to move away from their console and PCs following the release of COD Mobile, marking the largest launch of any game on the platform. Tencent is yet to launch the game in China. The game has come just at the right time when multiplayer online games were getting popular.

"Call of Duty Mobile" makes use of touchscreen controls and includes numerous same game modes and maps as the popular "Call of Duty" console releases. Activision has marked 2019 as "transition year", releasing the next "Call of Duty" workshop on Oct, 25. A large portion of the "Fortnite's" success has been attributed to its accessibility on mobile and traditional gaming devices. Call of Duty mobile has a strict policy over hackers and cheater and doing so can lead to a lifelong ban and other legal punishments.

The 100 million figure represents worldwide unique downloads across the App Store and Google Play store in the past week, according to Sensor Tower. Most importantly, "Fortnite" was available on PC and video game consoles more than six months before it arrived on mobile.

Whenever a new game enters the market, it becomes the primary target for hackers and they release the hacked version on the internet. Because "Fortnite" is the same across all platforms and shares online play, some players simply chose to stick with their console of choice.