Watch the Trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie!

At Least 10

At Least 10 "Breaking Bad" Characters Will Be Returning For "El Camino"

With respect to Vince Gilligan's goal of keeping details on the film under wraps, the feature only reveals one of the familiar faces saying, "In deference to Gilligan's spoiler aversion, THR will name only two: fan favorites Skinny Pete (Charles Baker) and Badger (Matt L. Jones), the Beavis and Butt-Head of the greater Albuquerque meth community".

It shows Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, sitting in his auto listening to a radio broadcast of police investigating multiple people dead after a huge shootout. North, south, east, west, Mexico, the moon - I don't have a clue.

Speaking about the idea for the movie, Gilligan said: "I didn't really tell anybody about it, because I wasn't sure I would ever do anything with it".

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story is coming to Netflix in under a month, and we're starting to learn a little bit more about it. We don't slow down to explain things to a non-Breaking Bad audience.

According to the movie's summary, "In the wake of his dramatic escape from captivity, Jesse must come to terms with his past in order to forge some kind of future". This gripping thriller is written and directed by Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad. Netflix will begin streaming the film October 11, and will make it available in movie theaters across the country the weekend of October 11-13.

Last time we saw Jesse, of course, was at the end of Breaking Bad's final season, as he found himself caught in a gunfight with sinister gang leader Jack's men, which eventually saw a wounded Walter asking his former partner to kill him - but, of course, Jesse refused.