Let's decide our Brexit referendum stance now, says Labour's foreign policy chief



Party officials were hoping to present Labour as a government-in-waiting, with a snap election widely expected in Britain in the coming months.

Either way it would be beyond words extraordinary for Corbyn to rely on the union block vote to crush the revealed will of party members, given that Corbyn has spent nearly half a century campaigning for power over policies and personnel to be transferred to members.

Labour risks being crushed like a film hero stuck between walls closing in on each other, if it does not make clear where it stands on Brexit, the party's shadow foreign secretary has warned.

The Labour Party is holding its annual conference in the English coastal city of Brighton.

It was endorsed by 16 votes to 10, after members of the national executive were asked to send their agreement by email and without a meeting.

Mr Corbyn said Andrew Fisher - who is head of policy and the author of the party's last manifesto - would stand down at the end of the year to spend more time with his family.

But he is under growing pressure to declare his hand from pro-EU figures in the party.

Her comments follow a call from Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard for the United Kingdom party to follow policy set north of the border and in Wales, backing Remain in the event of a second European Union referendum.

Clive Lewis, a shadow Treasury minister and supporter of Corbyn, said the leadership had been "hijacked" and was taking power away from members.

One of Jeremy Corbyn's closest aides has resigned, issuing a warning that the Labour leader will not win the next general election.

Thankfully, that would be a perfectly acceptable position under Labour's plans.

"I know that the Scottish Labour Party agreed with me, and I know that the Welsh Labour Party agree with me".

A group of delegates were due meet on Sunday night to decide the text of one or two motions on Brexit through a process known as "compositing", with about 80 local parties having proposed a clear remain position.

A Labour source said: 'We don't comment on staffing matters'.

For years it's been a rallying cry on the left of British politics.

An attempt to oust him by scrapping his elected position was abandoned on the first day of Labour's conference following an intervention by the party leader.