Hong Kong braces for airport protest after night of violent clashes

Hong Kong braces for airport protest after night of violent clashes

Hong Kong braces for airport protest after night of violent clashes

The protesters originally planned to march from a park to local government office but were intercepted by riot police halfway.

Transit authorities closed the two intermediate stations on the airport express train to guard against a possible disruption of transportation to the transportation hub.

Police confront protesters in Hong Kong.

"There are calls online for using fake boarding passes, fake air tickets or fake flight booking information to enter the terminal buildings. I was hoping for a glimpse".

Police accused protesters of spraying water at officers during the march by several thousand people in Tuen Mun in Hong Kong's northwest.

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The violence has hit pockets of Hong Kong at different times over more than three months, allowing life to go on as normal for the vast majority most of the time. China, which has a People's Liberation Army garrison in Hong Kong, has said it has faith in Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam to solve the crisis. Some protesters vandalised a nearby light rail station and police retaliated with tear gas.

"They threw petrol bombs at police vehicles and police officers, and even attempted to snatch the revolver of a police officer", police said in a statement on Sunday.

A controversial bill which would have allowed extraditions to China sparked the protests in June.

The anti-government protesters are angry about what they see as creeping interference by Beijing in Hong Kong, which returned to China under a "one country, two systems" formula that ensures freedoms not enjoyed on the mainland. It was promised special rights and privileges until 2047 under the "one country, two systems" agreement, but many residents fear that the arrangement is increasingly under threat.

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