Google Maps is trying its undercover mode with certain clients now

Finally some privacy

Finally some privacy

Now, the company seems to be getting closer to launching Incognito mode for Maps, making it easier to navigate without leaving any tracks.

The incognito mode is considered helpful by those people who want to keep a low profile. Go into Secure Folder, select "add apps" at the bottom left, then select "Google Maps" from the app lineup to save Google Maps to Secure Folder.

A similar interface is viewed on Google Maps' Android program.

XDA Developers' editor in chief obtained a GIF of the new incognito mode for Google Maps in action, which you can check out in his tweet below.

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Incognito Mode is famous on Google's Chrome web browser, but it's not the only place users can find the feature.

Some members of the group have shared the good news so we have something to look forward to. What it does is prevent search queries and location from being recorded. Not having certain searches or websites associated with your Google account can be empowering (or enabling depending who you ask). You'll notice that the status bar up top has turned black and the phrase "Incognito mode is on" has been aligned to the center. Also, as per Android Police, test users updating to the Maps bearing version number 10.26 could also access the Incognito Mode. Your locator marker will turn from its usual blue color to a pale charcoal. On a smartphone, though, you'll typically use the Maps app, where Incognito mode isn't available.

An official release date hasn't been announced yet, but Engadget reports that the release of a closed beta indicates that we could see it in the near future.

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