Elizabeth Warren’s big crowds? She has a plan for them, too

Warren Wash Sq Park

Warren Wash Sq Park

Republican consultant Dan Hazelwood said recently that Trump will use the Pocahontas name to damage Warren in a way similar to how he attacked the losing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016.

A rousing speech and a few questions: that's what members of NARAL-an abortion rights advocacy organization-got from MA senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren speaks at the rally held at Washington Square Park.

Ahead of the rally, Warren proposed what she called the "biggest "end corruption" plan since Watergate", a series of steps she outlined in her speech.

She has promised that a 2% tax on assets worth more than $50 million and of 3% on assets worth more than $1 billion would be enough to finance sweeping programs including universal child care, universal pre-K, tuition-free college and student debt cancellation. The goal of these measures is straightforward: "to take power away from the wealthy and the well-connected in Washington and put it back where it belongs - in the hands of the people".

It was her largest rally yet, according to Elizabeth Warren's campaign estimates.

This indicates that Warren's message, focused on income inequality and related issues, does resonate with working-class Democrats who flipped to Trump in 2016.

Warren is the only Democratic candidate that's seen a steady rise in polling during her campaign.

Merging the progressive critique of unchecked capitalism with the promise of the first woman president could be Warren's path to victory in the primary. "She worked the political system relentlessly from the inside, while a sustained movement applied pressure from the outside", Warren said, winkingly addressing Perkins as, "one woman, one very persistent woman".

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Restrict the ability of companies to buy up former federal officials to rig the game for themselves. Warren noted, however, that the president is only a symptom of the corruption that has infected the USA political and economic systems.

It would also impose additional restrictions on lobbyists and impose new ethics requirements on Supreme Court justices and other federal judges.

Warren's entire Washington Square Park speech is available here.

Strengthen congressional independence from lobbyists. They believe grassroots supporters still back their guy over Warren.

"If you give Trump a tool to equalize the playing field, which is what this does, he will do exactly what he did to Hillary Clinton", Hazelwood, who owns Targeted Creative Communications, told Politico in August. "Two cents! Two cents!"

This system can be fixed, she said, describing the changes that Perkins and her supporters brought about.

The progressive is one of 10 presidential hopefuls that participated in the third Democratic debate last Thursday. "I actually looked up to her work on those issues and used a lot of them to base my own legislation on the state level". It aims to ensure no president is above the law.

She noted, however, that the incident helped spur the USA labour movement and led to the kind of structural changes that many at the time thought were impossible - government-funded retirement and healthcare for the elderly, new workplace safety regulations, a minimum wage and unemployment insurance.

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