Teen Fatally Stabbed While Dozens Watched And Recorded On Their Phone

Vigil held for victim in LI stabbing as family hopes for justice

Vigil held for victim in LI stabbing as family hopes for justice

Sixteen-year-old Khaseen Morris had been challenged to a fight Monday by the ex-boyfriend of a girl he had innocently walked home from a party, authorities said.

When he arrived, Morris was attacked by a group of six to seven teens and a fight ensued, during which Morris sustained a fatal stab wound to his upper torso.

There, he was surrounded by about 50 students, who were filming the confrontation with their cellphones, police said.

One of Morris' friends, a 17-year-old, was also hurt during the attack and went to a hospital with a broken arm.

The victim was eventually taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition, where he died of his injuries.

He later died at a hospital after numerous 50 to 70 teens who gathered nearby recorded the bloody attack and made no attempt to stop it, Nassau County police said at a news conference Tuesday. "They would rather video this event". "They'd rather video. They videoed his death instead of helping him".

Ryder says the two officers involved in the shooting were among the first to respond to Monday night's deadly stabbing of a teen just blocks away.

As the fight unfolded, Morris was stabbed once in the chest, Fitzpatrick said.

Investigators are reviewing the footage they've been able to acquire, and are identifying possible suspects. The family had recently moved to Oceanside on Long Island from neighboring Freeport.

Although multiple witnesses have already presented authorities with information on the incident, Detective Lt. Fitzpatrick warned those who may have additional information to come forward immediately. "The moment he stepped foot in Oceanside, everyone loved him", his sister told Newsday.