Comcast tries to bolster streaming gadget by dropping fee

Comcast tries to bolster streaming gadget by dropping fee

Comcast tries to bolster streaming gadget by dropping fee

Comcast Corp said on Wednesday it will offer Xfinity Flex, its streaming media set top box, and a voice remote for free to its USA internet-only customers. Comcast is targeting those customers with its Comcast Flex platform, which aggregates many popular streaming services and makes them accessible with its Voice Remote. That has changed, the service provider revealed today - it is now making Flex available to all of its Internet-only customers for free.

While the offer is brand-new as of this week, the box itself was announced back in March and originally cost subscribers $5 per month.

Xfinity Flex allows customers to browse and search for programs from streaming services like Netflix Inc, Hulu and Inc's Prime Video, as well as free shows and movies that Comcast will include with the set top box.

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In this Monday, Sept. 16, 2019 photo, an Xfinity Flex device is displayed in Philadelphia.

"Xfinity Flex gives customers a radically simple, aggregated television experience that personalizes their streaming choices across a sea of apps and services", Matt Strauss, Xfinity Services EVP, said Wednesday.

Part of the Xfinity Flex redesign is a "free to me" section that outlines the more than 10,000 free TV and movie options, as well as a refreshed home page with "live, immersive tiles". There's also a music section.

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