Bail denied for man accused of sabotaging American Airlines plane in Miami



However, court papers on Wednesday did not show any change in the charge against Alani, a US citizen, to suggest any link to terrorism. According to prosecutors, Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani shared videos stored on his phone of ISIS murders.

Alani is an Iraqi born naturalized USA citizen, who prosecutors now claim shared videos stored on his cell phone of ISIS murders, made statements wishing Allah would use "divine powers" to harm non-Muslims, had recently sent money to someone in Iraq and has a brother there, who may have ties to the Islamic State.

Kafir is another word for "infidel" or non-believer - prosecutors at this time, however are not charging Alani with any terrorism-related crime.

Alani told agents after his arrest earlier this month that, "Out of my evil side, I wanted to do something", Medetis said, adding that the statement was recorded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Alani, 60, worked as a mechanic for the airline when he allegedly sabotaged a Nassau-bound Boeing 737 with 150 passengers and crew aboard at Miami International Airport over stalled labor negotiations. The aircraft returned to the concourse and no one on board was injured, the complaint says.

The veteran employee allegedly tampered with the plane to cause a delay or have the flight cancelled 'in anticipation of obtaining overtime'.

Alani was arrested on September 5 and charged with 'willfully damaging, destroying, disabling, or wrecking an aircraft, and attempting to do so, ' and could spend up to 20 years in prison.

Prosecutors said Alani glued styrofoam inside the nose of the aircraft that disabled a part used to gauge airspeed and other critical flight data.

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Airport surveillance video showed Alani working on the aircraft's nose compartment for seven minutes, even though there was no fix issue with the plane.

It's unclear whether the co-worker and the roommate were referring to the same brother in their statements, as a result of Alani's large family.

Alani's attorney said he should be released on $200,000 bail, arguing that as an experienced plane mechanic, Alani knew his alterations would prevent the plane from taking off and would not put passengers at risk.

Three other people who were seen on the surveillance footage getting into the truck with Alani were interviewed by law enforcement and identified Alani, documents say.

According to prosecutors, Alani said he tampered with the plane "out of my evil side", and admitted that he would not have allowed himself or his relatives to fly on a plane with a sabotaged ADM.

In denying bond, Magistrate Judge Chris McAliley cited several factors, including the fact Alani was likely to be incarcerated if convicted. Alani has been fired from his job at the airline, and the Federal Aviation Administration recently revoked his certificate as an aircraft mechanic, Dunham said. She also noted that Alani admitted his actions to investigators and that the evidence overwhelmingly points to his guilt.

Court documents say that Alani's work isn't usually related to aircraft on the tarmac, but is usually limited to aircraft in hangers.

Alani is expected to enter a plea at another hearing Friday.

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