DMK to hold protests against Hindi 'imposition' on Sept 20

Never asked for Hindi imposition I myself come from a non Hindi state Amit Shah

Never asked for Hindi imposition I myself come from a non Hindi state Amit Shah

"They are not just imposing Hindi, but Centre and State Government is betraying Tamil Nadu in issues NEET, Cauvery issue and they have imposed unsafe projects such as hydrocarbon in Tamil Nadu", he said. Shah's speech on the occasion of Hindi Diwas triggered several opposition leaders, leading to veteran politicians primarily from southern India training their guns at him and asking him to reconsider his appeal as it "poses a danger to national unity". "If there is one language that can unite the country, it's Hindi". Wether national language or not, one knowing Hindi or English is just going to help us communicate.

"We are not against Hindi but certainly against its imposition on our people, majority of whose mother tongue is Kannada, followed by Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Marathi across the state", Congress leader and former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah told reporters at Mysuru on Sunday. "No Shah, Sultan or Samrat should renege on the promise of unity in diversity of India", he added.

Swamy tweeted, "Moron Kamalahasan and DMK Chief Stalin are howling about imposition of Hindi".

In January 2017, massive protests were held in Tamil Nadu seeking nod to hold bull taming sport "Jallikattu" after it was banned by the Supreme Court, following which a law was passed by the Tamil Nadu Assembly to allow it. Shockingly, Swamy referred to Haasan as "moron". The reason is the poet who wrote it gave respect to all languages and cultures, and hence it became our anthem.

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AIADMK leader and Tamil culture Minister K Pandiarajan had said if the Centre imposed Hindi unilaterally, there will only be (adverse) reaction and no support, not only in this state, but also in West Bengal, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, all non-Hindi speaking ones.

Tamil Nadu was witness to the anti-Hindi agitation in the 1960s taken forward by the DMK.

Taking to Facebook, they issued a statement on September 16, urging people to register a strong protest against any bid to edge out Bengali language from their lives. The Congress said the three-language formula should not be tinkered with. Prime Minister (Unclear) has said that all the languages will be given equal importance and certainly that will prevail.

Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa on Monday said that all the official languages in the country had equal status and asserted that Kannada was the "principal language" in his state.

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