B.C. woman charged in connection with US college admissions scandal

FILE Students sit on the lawn near Royce Hall at UCLA Thursday

FILE Students sit on the lawn near Royce Hall at UCLA Thursday

Singer has pleaded guilty in connection with his role in the operation, which involves dozens of wealthy parents accused of bribing and lying to officials to get their children into prestigious US colleges and universities.

Sui agreed to pay Rick Singer, the confessed mastermind of the scheme, $400,000 to get her son into the University of California at Los Angeles as a soccer recruit, prosecutors claim.

Sui gave Singer the dough - and photos of her son playing tennis, authorities said.

Janke, who pleaded guilty, is cooperating with the government's Varsity Blues investigation, authorities said.

Janke's illicit work of fiction described Sui's son as a "top player for two private soccer clubs in Canada", the feds said.

The college admissions scam, which rocked academia - and no small number of nervous parents across America who wondered if they'd also crossed the line - now involves a total of 52 defendants, including test-center personnel, college athletic coaches and Singer's staff, in addition to the parents.

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According to court documents Sui and Singer spoke about the scheme in August 2018 and over the course of two months, Sui shared her son's transcript and photographs with Singer.

UCLA's men's soccer team is one of the best in the country.

Federal prosecutors say 48-year-old Xiaoning Sui, from Surrey, was arrested in Spain.

The feds said Sui wired the funds to Singer two days after his request for money - and fewer than two weeks after that, the school admitted her son "as a recruited soccer player" and awarded him the scholarship for soccer. It claimed Sui wired the remaining $300,000 U.S. to Singer's "sham" charitable organization, the Key Worldwide Foundation (KWF), after admission was obtained. Authorities say she was arrested in Spain on Monday night and was being held there while authorities seek to extradite her to the United States.

Other high-profile parents charged in the case include Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin.

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