New York Times corrects story detailing misconduct claim against Brett Kavanaugh

Official White House

Official White House

The freshman lawmaker tweeted a video of an impassioned 2018 speech she gave on sexual assault, accused Kavanaugh of lying under oath, and called for his impeachment.

President Donald Trump on Monday said Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is under assault, following a New York Times story about a sexual misconduct allegation that was revised to reflect that the alleged victim couldn't recall the incident. "Because sexual assault isn't a crime of passion - it's about the abuse of power".

In the story, the Times said Stier alerted the Federal Bureau of Investigation and senators about the incident around the time of Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation didn't investigate. According to the story, Kavanaugh once pulled down his trousers at a Yale party and "friends pushed his penis into the hand of a female student".

The article identified Stier as someone who "runs a nonprofit organization in Washington".

"Some seized on the fact that the story - labeled a news analysis - did not mention that, according to the book, the woman involved in the alleged incident has told friends she does not recall it", the Post noted in a piece written by Emily Wax-Thibodeaux, Cat Zakrewski and Robert O'Harrow Jr. "That information has been added to the article".

Editors' Note: An earlier version of this article, which was adapted from a forthcoming book, did not include one element of the book's account regarding as assertion by a Yale classmate that friends of Brett Kavanaugh pushed his penis into the hand of a female student at a drunken dorm party.

The individual who claimed to see Kavanaugh allegedly expose himself at the party, Max Stier, served as a Bill Clinton defense attorney during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. "The White House should treat them - The New York Times - the same way they would Vox or Slate", Barron said.

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