Andy Ruiz Jr. Takes Shot At Tyson Fury After Recent Performance

Fury was forced to scrap his way to a gory unanimous decision over previously undefeated Wallin

Fury was forced to scrap his way to a gory unanimous decision over previously undefeated Wallin

Andy Ruiz Jr was quick to mock Tyson Fury's win over Otto Wallin after the British heavyweight had suggested he would easily overcome the Mexican world champion.

"As a former fighter and trainer to the 6'9" pugilist, John was clearly not impressed after watching Tyson forced to deal with some serious adversity in his showdown against Otto Wallin in Las Vegas.

Andy Ruiz Jr. has offered up his reaction to Tyson Fury's performance last night (Sat. September 14, 2019).

"It has gone terribly wrong in the camp and someone is to blame".

"I will let the fans decide, which hand I put behind my back and beat Ruiz with the other hand - because I only need one hand for him", said Fury earlier in the week. "I saw this coming".

"If Tyson had been in front of one of the top three or Alexander Povetkin, he would not have won".

Fury was hurt in the third round
Fury was hurt in the third round Credit Getty Images

"I have half an idea what went wrong but I can not share it".

"He was as weak as a kitten". He is not an 18st fighter, he wants to be body attractive.

As things stand, the core member of Fury's backroom team is the 26-year-old Ben Davison, a man who Fury has credited for making several major changes that have led to his success on this current run.

A teaser from BT Sport's next episode of "Corner Cam" has shed new light on how, in the immediate aftermath, Fury coped with the injury that could have cost him the fight. Ben Davison and everyone.

Ruiz Jr watched with interest after recent critical comments from Fury and swiftly took to social media to deliver his own scathing verdict.

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