Foster denies DUP is set to make concessions on Brexit

Charlotte Church being investigated over 'illegal' school

Charlotte Church being investigated over 'illegal' school

He said if Mr Johnson broke the law, it would be a "terrible example to set to the rest of society".

Mr Johnson insists he prorogued Parliament to set out his domestic agenda, and not to push through a no-deal Brexit unchallenged, as some MPs had suggested.

Scotland's highest civil court ruled on Wednesday that the prorogation was unlawful because it was obtained for the "improper goal of stymying Parliament".

But Mr Barnier, in a speech to MEPs, suggested that negotiating a new Withdrawal Agreement remained uncertain despite discussions between Mr Johnson's team and the EU. And if we don't, we're coming out on October 31.

On Friday, Lord Menzies and his colleagues Lord Brodie and Lord Drummond Young ruled that the Prime Minister has seven days to lodge his response to the petition brought by the remainer campaigners.

The High Court in London rejected her case, saying the decision to prorogue is "purely political" and can not be capable of challenge in the courts.

He said that the court needed to hear the petition quickly because the United Kingdom was scheduled to leave the European Union by the end of the month and it was extremely urgent.

John Bercow has warned Boris Johnson against disobeying the law by not asking for a Brexit delay, threatening that extra "procedural creativity" in Parliament would thwart any attempt.

Mr O'Neill added: "I could expand on why but I think it is self evident".

She insisted the United Kingdom "must leave as one nation".

The EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier has also said the United Kingdom government is yet to table concrete plans for ending the impasse over the Irish backstop. Such action is unlawful and wrongful.

It's an unusual day when the Prime Minister has to be asked if he lied to the Queen.

"Can you tell me why you are not with them in parliament sorting out the mess that you have created?" asked the heckler, to a low cheer from another part of the crowd.

The judges then allowed the matter to progress.