Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro is reportedly triggering fear of holes

Apple has announced the price all-new Watch Series 5 variants in India

Apple has announced the price all-new Watch Series 5 variants in India

It's the world's most popular camera, now with a whole new perspective.

Finally, there's one more thing, the 18W USB-C power adapter that's now bundled with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, replacing the old 5W charger that shipped with all iPhones to date. For example, the iPhone XS offered around iPhone 14 hours of 3G talktime when compared to massive 21 hours on Samsung Galaxy S10.

You could need to sell your iPhone 11 in the future and to do so, your device needs to be kept in near-mint condition.

And as always, there had to be jokes about how the new iPhone is mindbogglingly expensive priced.

Among the consumers who have pre-ordered the iPhone 11 on Fenqile, 75 percent are those born in the mid-1990s to early-2000s, indicating that the interest in the cheapest iPhone model is among young Chinese consumers.

The iPhone 11 starts at $699, the Pro starts at $999, and the Pro Max starts at $1099. "Think how much time people spend on social media". After all, Apple used to be associated with colorful, accessible products, and it seems like these new designs are a send-up to the company's past as well as a take on trends.

The Series 5 is also the first Apple Watch to feature an in-built compass, which displays the direction its owner is facing inside the updated Apple Maps app.

And in an even more weird development, the three-camera setup apparently triggered tryophobia, or the fear of small holes in some people. Such decisions have a direct impact on the resale value of any smartphone and the iPhone is no exception.

People might be interested to buy the newly released iPhone 11 just like any other time, but these reports show that not everyone is happy with their iPhones.