Trump says John Bolton 'was holding me back' on Cuba and Venezuela

Trump Reassures Those Worried That He’s ‘Far Stronger’ Than John Bolton on Venezuela: ‘He Was Holding Me Back!’

Trump Reassures Those Worried That He’s ‘Far Stronger’ Than John Bolton on Venezuela: ‘He Was Holding Me Back!’

His administration has sought to collapse the government of Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro with expansive US economic sanctions, a campaign Bolton eagerly promoted himself on Twitter.

"My views on Venezuela, and especially Cuba, were far stronger than those of John Bolton. But as he reminded me it's actually the DIRECT OPPOSITE of what many claim or assume, if in fact the direction of policy changes it won't be to make it weaker". He was holding me back!' the president tweeted.

Bolton is not the only Trump appointee known for hawkish bluster, and his own party provides a virtually endless supply of the same. Marco Rubio, who tweeted that the two men had spoken about Venezuela and Trump was more aggressive than Bolton would have been, had he stayed.

It's unclear what Trump was referring to about his stance on Cuba.

"And it set us back", the president said at the White House on Wednesday.

Rubio, despite being the highest-profile advocate in Congress for elevating Venezuela's humanitarian crisis, has not called for the USA military to get involved, unlike some other lawmakers such as Florida Republican Sen. I thought he was way out of line and I think I've proven to be right, ' Trump said. Trump has said he wants to name Bolton's permanent replacement quickly. A second official said that they had clashed over Bolton's efforts to advance planning for military intervention. "That has been and remains the policy", the official told McClatchy, although officials across the administration insist that all options are on the table.

"The administration cared about Venezuela before John Bolton", the spokesperson said.

He repeated those claims to reporters outside the White House on Thursday evening, adding that "it's going to be a very interesting period of time" when it comes to the forthcoming United States actions in Venezuela.