OBJ calls out Gregg Williams for 'dirty hits'

Odell Beckham Jr. made his Cleveland Browns debut last weekend and did so in typical OBJ flamboyance. "That's pretty much all we gotta watch out for", Beckham said.

During the 2017 exhibition game, Beckham jumped to catch a pass and was hit low by former Browns cornerback Briean Boddy-Calhoun as he came down. With Beckham's back turned away from the end zone, Boddy-Calhoun dove at Beckham's legs, making contact with the wideout's left knee as his leg touched down on the turf. I had players on [the Browns] telling me that that's what he was telling them to do, take me out of the game, and it's preseason. "I guarantee he's going to leave the game hurt.' And stuff like that", Beckham said.

"It's preseason, that says enough about it, it's preseason", Beckham said, Yahoo Sports. So, you just know who he is. "That's the man calling the plays".

Gregg Williams is known by many as the face of the Bountygate scandal that rocked the New Orleans several years ago, and apparently the coach has continued with the same tactics even though he was suspended for his role in it.

Williams has continuously avoided discussing his troubled past. Williams was a member of Cleveland's coaching staff at the time.

Beckham said he's unconcerned about Williams trying to bait him.

Williams is scheduled to meet with the media Friday. "So there's no really getting under my skin anymore".

Beckham missed 16 games over the past two seasons, and he attributes all his injuries to the original hit in 2017. I probably came back three weeks too early just because we lost the first game of the season previous year, and I felt that pressure to be able to come out there and do what I can to help the team.

"I probably would've blown my knee in that preseason game if I couldn't have gotten my foot out of the ground, and that high ankle sprain led to the broken ankle on the left and then which led to compensation in many different areas and just kind of like a little spiral, so it's something that I'll never forget", he said. It's something that, it changed my life forever, so I don't necessarily regret it, of course, I wish it didn't happen but it did.