Google is copying one of the most popular features of Facebook

Relive fond memories IG-style

Relive fond memories IG-style

Same-day pick-up for Google Photos prints is rolling out across the USA starting today, with a broader roll-out slated for October 2019. This function is ideal if you're looking for a photo of a recipe or something like that.

Google is (unsurprisingly) using machine learning to filter out duplicate photos, but they're also giving you the option to filter out certain people or time periods so they don't show up in your Memories.

Tap Photo prints, then tap Order prints. There, you'll often get a "rediscover this day" prompt that includes a collage image of your best shots from a certain day as well as a curated selection of pictures you took for further browsing. A similar feature has existed on social media platforms under the name "Stories", so this concept isn't new. If you don't like the feature at all, you can turn it off entirely.

Following hot on the heels of Flickr's new printing service, Google's partnership with Walmart and CVS is targeted at regular consumers rather than professional photographers who are using Flickr to get professional-quality prints. You can order 4×6 photo prints directly from Google Photos and pick them up same day at CVS Pharmacy or Walmart, at over 11,000 locations with print centers across the U.S. You can now also order canvas prints from Google Photos in the U.S. Your photos, today's post reads, will now be able to "be added to an ongoing, private conversation so there's one place to find the photos you've shared with (friends and family) and keep the conversation going". Prints start at 25 cents apiece, and it's not clear yet if there's a discount depending on how much you order.

All of these new features, aside from the new photo messaging tool, are available today on both iOS and Android. Canvas prints are available in three sizes-8×8 for $20, 11×14 for $30, and 16×20 for $45-and come with either black, white, or wrap-around borders. Direct Sharing, as it is being called, is expected to roll out in the coming months. Between story-style messaging and memories, it's clear that Google's taking a page out of Instagram's playbook here - and given how dominant Instagram is right now, it's hard to fault them for copying some popular features.