Afghan Taliban sends warning to Trump in bitter exchange

Rocket explodes near US embassy in Kabul

Rocket explodes near US embassy in Kabul

Truth be told, the talks have suffered a setback because of Trump's penchant for showmanship.

Zabihullah Mujahed, the group's spokesman, claimed on social media that one of its infiltrators staged the suicide bombing "killing and wounding 200 commando forces". "Hosting them at Camp David grants them undeserved legitimacy".

The idea behind this secret summit seemed to be to give the impression to President Trump's support base that he is a strong leader and can bring such conflicting sides on to one table.

Given how quickly Trump had resumed talks with North Korea after similarly declaring the negotiation process dead, hope is not lost for the resumption of dialogue to get the 14,000 USA security personnel risking their lives in the trouble-torn territory of Afghanistan back home. Subsequently, the Taliban vowed to keep fighting against U.S. armed forces in Afghanistan. They desperately want peace, stability and an end to violence.

The warlike comments were all the more startling because it was only on Saturday that the Republican former businessman announced on Twitter that he'd been about to meet with Taliban leaders on Sunday at his Camp David presidential retreat.

Levin stressed his discussion on the matter of the Taliban is meant to help President Trump and not hurt him and was again a difference of opinion.

The US withdrawal from Afghanistan looks just as stuck.

The Trump administration made two major mistakes at the start of the peace negotiations. After the talks were cancelled, he said, "Peace without a ceasefire is impossible".

As many as 100,000 United States troops were in Afghanistan at the invasion's peak, and more than 2,400 have been killed.

Even the Afghan government wasn't part of this deal.

That claim was backed up by sources CBS News contacted at Resolute Support, the USA -led North Atlantic Treaty Organisation mission in Afghanistan.

Mr Trump has said he wants to withdraw around 5,000 of the 14,000 USA military personnel still in the country. The government has been fighting the Taliban, which has been waging a war against Kabul for nearly two decades.

It wasn't instantly clear what Trump meant by in the event that they 'come back to our country.' The Sept. 11th assaults have been the results of an elaborate plot the place foreign-born terrorists, together with some who educated in Afghanistan, entered the us after which carried out the plane hijackings. And with the rising tensions between Pakistan and India, Afghanistan stands more vulnerable than ever.

The war of words between the Taliban and President Donald Trump escalated today as the Afghan insurgents warned that the United States leader had failed to grasp "what type of nation he is dealing with".