Warren rises as solid Democratic option behind Biden, Sanders -Reuters/Ipsos

New Poll: Sanders, Warren Surging While Biden, Harris Slip

New Poll: Sanders, Warren Surging While Biden, Harris Slip

Senator Elizabeth Warren is fast becoming a favorite to win the Democratic nomination for president, and a new poll from NPR and the Marist Institute is providing new evidence for that surge: Warren is now the Democratic Party's most highly regarded candidate, and she earns the number two slot among all registered voters.

The advisory, while sent to all Democratic candidates, may have been directed at Beto O'Rourke, who's been openly cursing on the campaign trail since August in response to President Donald Trump's racist comments and the recent shootings that've roiled the Democrat's home state of Texas.

Here are five key questions about the third debate. A Biden adviser said the former vice president intends to reiterate that point in the debate, not just to nudge Warren but to distinguish him from all the other candidates on stage, who have shorter government careers than his.

It is still early in the 2020 presidential election, and although the Democratic race to the White House is heating up, voters have a long time to make up their minds.

Seventy-five percent of Democratic voters now say they have a favorable impression of Warren - that's up from 53% in January, a 22-point jump from the last time the poll asked the favorability of candidates or potential candidates.

"In Detroit, those two somewhat teamed up to defend the progressive flag of the party". Notably, few undecided delegates named Biden when asked who they were leaning toward.

"Warren can simply assert her position in the race, which is 'Just getting rid of Trump is not enough, we need big changes, ' " said Steve Murphy, a Democratic strategist who has worked on Democratic presidential campaigns since the 1970s.

A little more than half of Democrats - 55 percent - said they plan to tune in to tomorrow night's televised debate, while 36 percent said they would track post-debate news. Sanders is two points behind at 25% and Biden placed second with 26%. "She doesn't talk about generalities and seems to have given thought to what she's putting out there", said South Carolina State Senator Gilda Cobb-Hunter, a Democrat who has not yet made an endorsement. As expected, former vice president Joe Biden and Sen. Biden, Sanders and Warren are 76, 78 and 70, respectively - hardly a contrast to the 73-year-old Trump.

Trump's economic handling has taken a hit.

"Let the minions fire some shots while she just continues to be the policy person and making tough claims against Trump", O'Brien said.

"He never won any debate but he managed to stay above the fray". Heading into the third debate, she is struggling to break through to the top of the field.

In the first debate she attacked. After the second debate, her numbers continued to tank. Now, she is under pressure to articulate what she stands for.

When dealing with Biden at the debate, she should emphasize words like pragmatic, doable, and bipartisan, Berry said. "I myself can't quite figure out what her message is other than I was a prosecutor and I can prosecute Trump - which is a pretty thin message", Shrum said. Others, like U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, have declined in popularity over the summer.

One way to do that is to try and land a blow on leading rivals, such as when Harris effectively attacked Biden over his record on race at the first debate in Miami.

The window is closing, Shrum warns.

Voters are similarly split on Warren, who gets a 41% favorable and 42% unfavorable rating. While the economy is still growing and unemployment is low, economic forecasts have turned gloomy with warning signs of a coming recession.

But while many of their platforms are similar, many in the crowd of New Hampshire Democrats said that though they had supported Sanders in 2016, they would be backing Warren this time around.

But the more centrist wing of the party, led by Biden and joined by Klobuchar, say that a public option should be available to whoever would like to have it but should not be mandated.