LeBron fails to secure 'Taco Tuesday' trademark

LeBron fails to secure 'Taco Tuesday' trademark

LeBron fails to secure 'Taco Tuesday' trademark

If you follow LeBron James on social media, then you'd know that Tuesday is a great day in his household as it marks Taco Tuesday.

The examining attorney determined the phrase couldn't be protected as a trademark because it's a "commonplace message".

It was reported earlier in the day by The Blast that a Mexican restaurant in IL filed a letter of protest against LeBron's attempt to trademark the term. Just because they don't technically own the concept doesn't mean there isn't a way for them to turn a profit on LeBron's Taco Tuesday following.

A spokesman for James' company said that ruling was their intended outcome as it prevents James - or any business - from getting sued for continuing to use the term.

James began sharing videos of his family's taco nights on his Instagram account during the offseason. Some of those guests that pulled up included Anthony Davis and more.

James' "Taco Tuesday" videos have become a viral phenomenon this summer, increasing with his full-time move to the Los Angeles area.

Additionally, James' company indicated he wanted to use the phrase for advertising and marketing services, but there is already a trademark on "Techno Taco Tuesday" for those purposes that would block "a portion" of the application, according to Gerben.