Joaquin Phoenix Never Liked Thomas Wayne Being Included in 'Joker' Script

Joker: plot, cast, music, trailer and release date

Joker: plot, cast, music, trailer and release date

"Can we talk about it privately", said Phoenix. In fact, when conceiving of his personal Joker, the film's Arthur Fleck, he had a totally different vision for the character's build.

In an emotional speech, he said River helped him rediscover his love of acting after early experiences as a child actor left him disillusioned. But his director disagreed.

"No, definitely not. There will be many more Jokers, I'm sure, in the future", Todd told Variety. To make that a reality, Phoenix needed to lose a lot of weight: 52 pounds in total. "It turns out that affects your psychology", Phoenix said. "And he said, 'You're going to start acting again, this is what you're going to do, '" Joaquin shared.

At that point, minor complications on set - like ditching scenes when he wasn't vibing with them - seem par for the course. Looking ahead, Phillips said his version of Joker is just one of the possibilities of storytelling for the famed bad guy.

Do you agree with Joaquin Phoenix in thinking that Joker should be heavier, or did he just not want to diet? But it's not like he was overly hard for his co-stars.

Phoenix was later joined on the red carpet for Joker by co-star De Niro.

The star, who is generating Oscar buzz for his menacing, psychologically dark portrayal of comic book character The Joker, was speaking after being presented with the TIFF Tribute Actor Award.

However, while appearing at the Toronto Film Festival, Joker director Todd Phillips shoots down any thought that the Robert Pattinson Batman and the Joaquin Phoenix Joker will meet up or are in possibly the same universe. Looking at the reviews, it also looks like many people recommend the movie get nominated for its cinematography, saying that the movie is depicted in a very attractive way.

Will fans appreciate Phoenix's sacrifice and Phillips' vision of the infamous character? If Phoenix is bypassed and the golden statuette goes to another, it will be only because Phillips' film aspires to but never really rises to match his performance.

Meanwhile, it sounds as though Pattinson's Bruce Wayne will have his hands plenty full in The Batman even without Phoenix's Joker.